color-wheelPeople often ask me, what are the meaning to different colors? In general, when designing for a project, it’s always a good rule to understanding the companies branding. Usually the company has colors and fonts established.  However, always fun idea to select a color from photos and experiment with different palettes.  Below are some basic definitions.  Of course, people always have their own opinions on what’s a good color.

Red – energy, heat, warmth, passion, danger, dynamic, or aggression. Can make you hungry, why restaurants and food packaging use it.

Orange – modern thinking, innovation, young, fun, affordable, and obtainable.

Yellow – warm, friendly, happy, caution, cowardly and warnings. This also can may you hungry

Green – natural, finance, vegetables, freshness, and growth.

Blue – success, professional, integrity sincere, authority.

Purple – royalty, luxury, wisdom, wealth and riches

Black – sophisticated, villain, death, power, mundane

White – purity, cleanliness, simplicity and institutional

Brown – man, outdoors, rural

Pink – female, flirty, and fun