When networking, I introduce myself as a Visual Communicator; often, I’m asked, “what’s the difference between a visual communicator and a graphic designer?” The answer would depend on the client, customer, or companies needs. Some companies like the wide-ranged skills that a visual communicator obtains; however, some require specialization, which is where a graphic designer would fit in.

Designers focus on a specific area and create main graphics for broad advertising campaigns, intricate color selection, website icons, layout, or print materials, which can have specialized skills. These unique skills can scale well as graphic design standards and best practices that change over time.

Visual Communicators convey their messages through a visible means. They have a more versatile approach when designing, including graphic design, illustration (digital and board), web design, animation, photography, overall direction, and even retouching photographs to illustrate the message better.

While both will need to have comprehensive, solid creativity, and brainstorming skills, choosing between a graphic designer and visual communicator can be particularly challenging. These fields are often confused, are nearly identical, and often come together.