Email Marketing 11-Step Checklist

There are a lot of considerations when preparing for any marketing email campaign. The process to target your audience through an email will build relationships, understand the buyer’s journey, promote your brand, keeping engagement, nurture your prospects, and tell your story. I have established a standard tactic checklist that […]

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What’s the difference? Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator

When networking, I introduce myself as a Visual Communicator; often, I’m asked, “what’s the difference between a visual communicator and a graphic designer?” The answer would depend on the client, customer, or companies needs. Some companies like the wide-ranged skills that a visual communicator obtains; however, some require specialization, […]

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The Meaning of Color

People often ask me what do different colors mean. When designing a project, it’s always a good rule to understand the company’s branding. Usually, the company has colors and fonts established, however, it can be to select a color from photos and experiment with different palettes.  Of course, people […]

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