Did you hear?..let me tell.

“Working with Catherine M. Snyder for several years, she has consistently demonstrated quality design skills and versatility, willingness to learn, exceptional teamwork capabilities, and a true commitment to both her employer and to clients. She is a solid designer for both print and electronic design and layout needs, including brochures, logo development, and websites. She would be an excellent designer to add to any creative team.”

-Jennifer Tamblyn, Marketing Communications Manager

“Catherine’s creative abilities and artistic talents are awesome! With a small amount of input (3 key elements) Catherine designed a new logo for a Charity Golf event that I host. The people who have seen the logo make statements like, fantastic, unbelievable, awesome, great, wonderful ……….”

-Rick Reynolds, RARE Aviation Solutions

“Catherine has an extraordinary talent in being both creative and having the ability to capture other’s visions and bring it to life. Having a complete understanding of the client goals, Catherine then begins this creative process that I am in awe of her ability.”

-Sharon St. Clair, Esq.